Attractive Sign & Lighting

We Attractive People

We’ve been in the sign business for a while. Signs we made in the early eighties can still be found throughout Chicagoland, some of them with the original faces, others with businesses that have come and gone. We’ve made big signs. We’ve installed plaques. We’ve done channel letters, changeable menus, and retrofits. We’ve brought message signs back to life, removed signs that had to go and increased the longevity of those that need to stay. Every job poses its own unique set of problems, from graphic design to permits. We have the know-what and know-how to find what will work for you.

While we like to believe that you can get more than you pay for, after more than 35 years of fixing the shortcuts taken by others, we can honestly say that you get what you pay for. So whether we’re servicing your sign or building you a new one, we strive to be on the good side of value and quality. We aren’t going to game you for a little extra, but we won’t devalue our services either. We’re here for the long haul, and we look to serve those businesses that have also been built to last.

That’s what attractive

means to us.

It’s not just about being well-built and well-lit. It’s form and function serving to help your business make that emotional connection to your customers — those people whose lives you make better by doing what you do. That is the purpose of business. And it’s why we do what we do.

So we invite you to take a look around. We have what we think are some of the best signs for the buck, particularly in LED message signs. If you have any other questions, just drop us a line.