Attractive Sign & Lighting

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline Panorama

Because nothing says thank you like a twi­light pano­rama of the city

The owners of the Snappy Convenience Center wanted to do something special at their location on Irving Park and Pulaski, and a panorama of the Chicago Skyline seems like an easy enough thing to do.

Chicago Skyline Panorama Detail

At about three feet high and twenty-four feet wide, though, they needed something of a much higher resolution than was available. Something about 40 megapixels big. So we went on a photoshoot around sunset and stitched together the ones that looked best.

Chicago Skyline Thank You

With the full-color printing applied to a plastic backing, it looks exactly like what it is — a giant, backlit panorama of the Windy City. Thank you, Chicagoland.