Attractive Sign & Lighting

Langer & Langer

Langer & Langer hinged for service

Ingenuity is making the complicated look simple

Every job poses its own unique challenges. For this one, the law firm Langer & Langer wanted something more elegant than the molded plastic letters they’d had for years. They commissioned a plaque for their exterior wall and wanted something similar for the sign, but their logotype did not lend itself to be stretched into a three-foot by forty-foot space.

Langer & Langer plaque and front door

So we designed a variation on their existing logotype to incorporate the red swoosh, translating it for the wide horizontal space.

Langer & Langer plaque and front door

After figuring out a design that worked, we had to engineer a way to put it up. The facia was aluminum glued to plywood, not exactly a surface with access to the backside to install the letters or LED lighting.

Langer & Langer new letters over old ones

Since we would have had to replace the aluminum on the facia anyway, we created a modular set of panels mounted on a hinge — saving us time in installation and eliminating many potential headaches for service work in the future. And we didn’t even have to remove the old letters.

Langer & Langer at night with LED backlighting

The result is a simplicity that belies the thought and planning put into its design. That’s ingenuity at work.