Attractive Sign & Lighting

What we make

We make signs — signs with a singular purpose — to bring you customers. This is the only job a sign should be hired to do, and do well. Your sign is not a business card, not thirty second commercial spot, not a newspaper ad. It tells people where you are and what you do best. You don’t want to advertise everything you do, you want to get your customers in the door. To that end, a sign should be easy to see, easy to read and easy to understand. We are not in business to add to the visual noise — we’re here to help you cut through it.

LED message Signs

Motion is one of the best ways to garner attention. A full-color LED display delivers that movement with attractive elegance — elegance that allows you to show your customers why they need you. In years past, you had to settle for small but high-priced, low resolution monochrome display — or worse — a static message board with letters and numbers that you had to keep a stock of and change manually. You no longer need to compromise between quality and affordability. You can get the best. And we can deliver it.

Illuminated Signs

These have been our bread and butter — if you’ve spent any time in Chicago, chances are you’ve seen one of our signs. We spend a lot of our time servicing these kinds of single- and double-faced signs on poles and buildings, which says a great deal about their ubiquity on the one hand and longevity on the other. We can give you new faces that take advantage of your existing sign, or we can give you a whole new one where you have no sign or the current one is just not cutting it.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are truly timeless, and our handcrafted, aluminum letters with LED lighting will last a long time. If you’ve already got beautiful letters but with cracked and discolored faces or loose trim cap, we can custom-fit new ones in their place. Traditionally, channel letters use neon that breaks easily, can be expensive to maintain, and may even be a fire hazard1, so if your functional letters just won’t stay lit, we can swap them out for low voltage, long lasting LEDs. For many well-built signs, it makes sense to switch to LED lighting, especially when there are ongoing problems with wires arcing out and burning up transformers.

Metal & Plastic Letters

If you would prefer a sign that harkens back to a simpler time, or one that stands out from those ubiquitous lighted signs above — or both — nothing looks as good for as long as letters and logos floating on a wall. They can be backlit to glow with LEDs or lit from the front with attractive directional lamps. They evoke quality and professionalism, suitable for everything from a downtown law office to a small town bistro. And even if they need to be lighted, they can be nearly maintenance-free, making that one less thing to worry about.

Vinyl Lettering

Some signs are meant to be more temporary than others — so in places where the installation of a backlit sign are overkill — vinyl lettering on windows, aluminum panels or corrugated plastic may be an attractive alternative. These can last quite a bit longer than you might think, but it’s no great loss if you don’t need them to.

We’ve been doing aluminum framed menus with polycarbonate panels for ages. We make them using the same materials as our outdoor signs, so they last forever, and interchangeable inserts means that you won’t have to change an entire panel when one item is replaced. We already have a stock of pictures to choose from, or if you need, we can set up a custom shoot.


You might think it would take a small fortune to retrofit an LED message sign in place of a static copy board, or LED numbers in place of changeable panels, but the value proposition for such a display has never been better.


Just because it’s not featured doesn’t mean we don’t do it. If you need anything, from bronze plaques to lighted awnings, chances are we know how to get it done, so there’s no harm in asking.

1. Most neon transformers run at greater than 7500 volts, typically 15000 volts for any decent sized sign. We encounter charred connections and melted wires far too often for comfort.