Attractive Sign & Lighting

What we do

It’s been said that a sign is a salesman for your business that works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a decade. Such an important part of your livelihood will require a little attention now and then. So however small the sign or however big the problem, we’ve got the chops to get it working right.


Keep it going.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new sign just to get a good-looking one1. A fresh set of lightbulbs, a functioning ballast, a little bit of cleaning solution and a bucket of paint can go a long way. Depending on your needs, you may also want to consider replacing damaged or worn faces2, switching from neon to LED lighting, or upgrading your copy board to a vibrant LED message sign. Whatever the problem, a simple service call can get your signs and lighting back up to snuff for the next many years.


Make it work.

If there is one certainty to life, it’s that there will always be something that goes wrong. We have encountered all sorts of strange problems over the years, each offering a different challenge. So if you’ve been calling someone else, but the fix doesn’t last, there is probably a deeper issue than just changing a few bulbs. We’re pretty good at figuring that stuff out. And if you have a message sign that has gone wrong, we're the ones the big guys have called to get it straightened out for the last two decades.

Parking Lot Lights

Light up the night.

If you are open at night, a lit sign is not the only thing that lets clientele know you’re open. Working parking lot lights help keep your customers safe and make your place more inviting. They also deter theft and vandalism. Get them lighting right.

Custom Design

Make it look good.

We know that as a small business owner, you get busy. Even if you want to sweat every detail, you simply don’t have the time. So when your thoughts do turn to your sign, it’s more along the lines of Is it on? and Does it say my place’s name? But we know that for your business to look its best, you need something simple that will stand out. That means high contrast and easy to read design with just the minimum of information necessary. Anything to stack the deck in your favor.


Make your mark.

Making the sign is just half the job. It’s got to go up. And stay up. A hole may need to be dug, a pole set, and electricity run. Or maybe it’s an A-frame to be put on the roof with some brackets in the façade. We do all of that. And we put up your sign too.


Moving on.

Whether you’re changing locations or just getting rid of an old, unused eyesore, we can take care of it for you.


Keep City Hall happy.

Chalk this one up to the cost of doing business. We like them about as much as you do.


Ask us (almost) anything.

Save for tree trimming and insurance fraud, there are few things we don’t do. So if you’ve got a question, just ask — you know how to reach us.

1. Well, within reason. Some weathered signs will never look good again, particularly those made of steel and rust. It’s why we do aluminum construction — it holds up to the elements far better than regular steel, and it can take a coat of paint, unlike stainless.

2. Acrylic and Polycarbonate do become brittle and discolored over time, so if you see growing cracks or loose trim cap on your channel letters, let us take a look at it before a strong wind does. Even if sign faces look structurally sound, those that have yellowed or faded from the sun (particularly those with south and west faces) aren’t all that attractive and are more prone to damage. We can custom make any kind of face to fit your existing sign.